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Conditions of Membership


Any company meeting the following cumulative conditions may apply to join VIGISWISS as a Member:

  • It must be a commercial corporation under Swiss law with headquarters in Switzerland and not be subject to the law of a foreign State in any manner whatsoever.
  • It must be active in any one of the following sectors:
    • Public data centers with a colocation activity,
    • Public hosting providers with a colocation activity,
    • Integrators active with the member data centers or hosting providers,
    • Managed services companies with activities related to the member data centers or hosting providers.


Associate Members

Universities, research centers and training centers may apply for membership as an Associate Member if their activities are related to the above-mentioned sectors.


Authorized Partners

Companies that are experts in the field of computer security or related fields and whose activities are similar to those of VIGISWISS Members may apply for the status of VIGISWISS Authorized Partner.

The VIGISWISS Committee approves or rejects membership applications in accordance with the association’s statutory provisions. Inquiries may be directed to info@sdca.ch.



  1. If you wish to become a VIGISWISS Member, please complete the membership application form below.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by the VIGISWISS Committee for approval. This may take a few weeks.
  3. You will then receive a response from the Committee.
  4. If your application is accepted, the following documents will be sent to you:
    1. the VIGISWISS Statutes, Charter and Trademark Use Guidelines as well as various presentation documents on the association,
    2. a payment form for the one-time registration fee (the annual dues as laid down in the association’s statutory provisions are paid subsequently).
  5. You will have to sign and return a copy of each document (Statutes, Charter and Trademark Use Guidelines). You will also be required to pay the registration fee.

Upon completion of this procedure, you will receive a confirmation from us that you have become a VIGISWISS Member. This will entitle you to use the VIGISWISS trademark and access the VIGISWISS internal information system.


Fees summary

Member typeOne time registration feeAnnual dues
MembersCHF 2,000.-CHF 2,000.-
Associate MembersDepends on the type of associate member 
Authorized PartnersCHF 2,000.-CHF 1,000.-

Membership Application Form

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Organization and Contact Details

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Frequent questions about Membership

  1. Is it possible for an individual to become a Member?
    No, only commercial corporations under Swiss law whose headquarters are in Switzerland can apply for VIGISWISS membership.
  1. Can VIGISWISS reject an application?
    Yes, the approval or rejection of membership applications is a prerogative of the VIGISWISS Committee.
  1. How are payments made?
    Member contributions are payable in Swiss francs (CHF). Payments must be made by bank transfer, using the bank details provided on the invoice. Admission of new Members becomes effective only upon receipt by VIGISWISS of the required amounts.
  1. When are the annual membership dues payable?
    Membership dues are automatically renewed every year if the Member does not send in a written resignation.