GAS&COM – Vigiswiss Member

Provider in the Telecoms infrastructure sector

We provide our customers with the most secure fibre-optic data connections in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.
As an independent provider in the Telecoms infrastructure sector, we provide broadband and IP services, fibre-optic connections and infrastructure facilities to our customers in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and neighbouring countries, at the most important hubs (data centres).
We offer short, medium or long-term service contracts at favorable terms. Our pipes and optic cableas are laid along the Swiss natural gas high-pressure pipelines.
Their monitoring is subject to particularly strict security regulations, which also benefits our service quality. The reliability of services on our cable paths is very high and the risk of damage is extremely low. Thanks to our long-standing and well-established relationships with network operators in cities and urban areas, we can offer exclusive connections, from house to house and from city to city in Switzerland, as well as in major foreign centres

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