Swiss data centers link up to form VIGISWISS, a global safe haven for data

  • 9 February 2016

VIGISWISS® Swiss Data Center Association is the first certified network of Swiss data storage and protection companies. Its mission is to preserve the global digital memory.

The fourth industrial revolution, the digitization of the global economy and the challenges of cyber-security were among the topics addressed at the WEF – World Economic Forum in Davos. Among the key questions that remain: Is there a safe place somewhere in the world that can ensure this data is forever preserved? Too much data is at risk today, including archives, medical data, manufacturing secrets, sensitive government information and confidential reports from international organizations. In response to this challenge, Swiss data centers are joining forces under the umbrella association VIGISWISS to offer the world an impenetrable digital repository.

Switzerland is an ideal and strategic location for data protection: it is a politically neutral, stable and pragmatic democracy with a culture of confidentiality, sitting at the crossroads of Europe’s ultrafast data connections. Swiss legislation strictly protects both personal and corporate data and applies stringent standards to the processing of highly confidential data (such as medical data). The country’s high-tech companies, research labs and globally recognized universities are constantly innovating and play a role in identifying IT security threats.

VIGISWISS was formed to store and protect the confidential data of governments, organizations, companies and individuals the world over and to protect related systems (e.g. data processing, analysis, communications and transmission). The VIGISWISS label is a guarantee of the excellence of the services delivered by its members and their partners: Data centers, hosts, integrators and associated service providers. Under the VIGISWISS charter, certified members agree to provide a defined level of security, not to host illegal data (e.g. data related to terrorism, child pornography, etc.) and to be regularly audited by an independent body.

The VIGISWISS initiative is underpinned by an ecosystem of digital economy professionals in the areas of data protection, cyber-security or big data. The VIGISWISS strategic committee and its various expert groups are made up of technical, legal, academic, economic and political specialists at the forefront of their respective field. Together they support the fundamental role that Switzerland is now prepared to play: To be the world’s safe haven for data and preserve the global digital memory.

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